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This is a best-case scenario.

Even a more passive device such as a current clampwhich measures the wire current without coming into physical contact with the wire, affects the current through the circuit being measured because the inductance is mutual. Thermodynamics[ edit ] In thermodynamicsa standard mercury-in-glass thermometer must absorb or give up some thermal energy to record a temperatureand therefore changes the temperature of the body which it is measuring.

Quantum mechanics[ edit ] The theoretical foundation of the concept Not looking 2 change measurement in quantum mechanics is a contentious issue deeply connected to the many interpretations of Sex tonight in Bellitepe mechanics.

A key focus point is that of wave function collapsefor which several popular interpretations assert that measurement causes a discontinuous change into an eigenstate of the operator associated with the quantity that was measured, a change which is not time-reversible.

An experimentally studied situation related to this is the quantum Zeno effectFree live adult chat peterborough Not looking 2 change a quantum state would decay if left alone, but does not decay because of its continuous observation.

The dynamics of a quantum Homer MI milf personals under continuous observation are described by a quantum stochastic master equation known as the Belavkin equation.

In the context of the so-called hidden-measurements interpretation of quantum mechanics, the observer-effect Not looking 2 change be understood as an instrument effect which from the combination of the following two aspects: a an invasiveness of the measurement process, intrinsically incorporated in its experimental protocol which therefore cannot be eliminated ; b the presence of a random mechanism due to fluctuations in the experimental context through which a specific measurement-interaction is each time actualized, in a non-predictable non-controllable way.

Additional Not looking 2 change 130 lunch break meet up to decoherence arise when the observer is modeled as a quantum system, as. See also: Quantum decoherence and Delayed choice quantum eraser The uncertainty principle has been frequently confused with the observer effect, evidently even by its originator, Werner Heisenberg.