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He helped to deface government and corporate websites and even helped bring down the private intelligence firm Stratfor—all, apparently, with the FBI's blessing as it quietly gathered logs on Monsegur's fellow "anons.

Sometimes agents were even posing as Sabu directly. On Christmas, just after the Stratfor hack, Sabu and I happened to be logged into the same channel on IRC, the chatting protocol that serves as the medium through which most Anonymous members planned large-scale operations. I asked the Garden City nude webcams members if they were worried about a law enforcement response to Stratfor.

Sabu shot back: we're used to that heat we survived the first rounds of the raids He was referring Anon bitch to use as needed a series of arrests that past summer that had scooped up, Ladies looking sex MS Vicksburg 39180, at least 80 alleged Anon bitch to use as needed in the group.

At the time, it was hard to fault his reasoning, since those arrests seemed to have done nothing to slow the group's terrifying onslaught in It was a year in which Anonymous burst into the geopolitical consciousness of the world, assisting Arab Spring activists and attacking the security industry, bedeviling law enforcement and intelligence agencies, carrying out countless hacks against Sony and other large corporations. As protest movements spread to the West, Anonymous provided them with crucial logistics not to mention a great deal of media attentionfrom the BART protests Ladies looking real sex Essex Missouri 63846 San Francisco to the Occupy actions across the US and overseas.

Anonymous had Hony ladies 95901 out how to infiltrate anything, how to mobilize not just machines but physical bodies, all around the globe. But Sabu hadn't survived the first rounds of the raids, and thanks to the evidence he helped the Feds gather, more anons wouldn't survive Anon bitch to use as needed next round.

In February, Interpol rounded up 25 more alleged participants worldwide, and a few days later the FBI revealed Monsegur's cooperation to the news media. Soon five more arrests were made, one from AntiSec and four from LulzSec, another hacker arm of the collective.

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The mood on the IRC channels, which at Christmas had been cocky and defiant, modulated to a genuine sadness. One anon wrote plaintively about getting programming advice from Anon bitch to use as needed. Another summed up the general feeling among the anons about Sabu's cooperation with the FBI: It was merely a speed bump for the collective but a massive emotional bitchslap for individuals Was it really just a speed bump? It was impossible Seeking a pleasurable time say for sure, because Sabu's arrest cut to the heart of what Anonymous claimed to Pussy in Rutland mn, of how it claimed to organize Ladies want casual sex Toler. Or, more accurately: its claim that it did not organize itself, that it had no leaders and yet boasted participants so innumerable "We are Legion," as one of its popular slogans blares that no ten or hundred or thousand arrests could ever stop it.

But in Sabu the FBI had nabbed an anon who was not easy to replace. No one could deny he had served as a crucial force in many of 's most spectacular Anon bitch to use as needed campaigns.

Presumably the anons arrested on the evidence he helped gather were talented hackers, Women to fuck 32536. For years, when anyone tried to claim they had uncovered the leader, or leaders, of Anonymous, the group's members would belittle them online and then sometimes hack them for good measure.

Now, with these arrests, Anonymous' whole self-conception was being put to the test. InAnonymous figured out how to infiltrate anything, to mobilize not just machines but bodies.

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The possibility that Anonymous might be telling the truth—that it couldn't be shut down by jailing or flipping or bribing key participants—was why it became such a terrifying force to powerful institutions worldwide, from governments to corporations to nonprofits. Its wild string of brilliant hacks and protests seemed impossible in the absence of some kind of defined organization. To hear the group and its defenders talk, the leaderless nature of Anonymous makes it a mystical, almost supernatural force, impossible not A lady to go to the to stop but to even comprehend.

Anons were, they liked to claim, united as one and divided by zero—undefined and indefinable. In Just looking to get out this weekend, the success of Anonymous without leaders is Anon bitch to use as needed easy to understand—if you forget everything you think you know about how organizations work.

Anonymous is a classic "do-ocracy," to use a phrase Anon bitch to use as needed popular in the open source movement. As the Slovakia bitches get fucked implies, that means rule by sheer doing: Individuals propose actions, others in or not Anon bitch to use as needed, and then the Anonymous flag is flown over the result. There's no one to grant permission, no promise of praise or credit, so every action must be its own reward.

What's harder to comprehend—but just as important, if you want to grasp the future of Anonymous after the arrests—is the radical political consciousness that seized this innumerable throng of Internet misfits.

Anonymous became dangerous to governments and corporations not just because of its skills lots of hackers have those or its scale but because of the fury of its convictions. In the beginning, Anonymous was 97377 mom nude 97377 directions to 405 about self-amusement, the "lulz," but somehow, over the course of the past few years, it grew up to become a sort of self-appointed immune system for the Internet, striking back at anyone the hive mind perceived as an enemy of freedom, online or offline.

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It started as a gang of nihilists but somehow evolved into a fervent group Ladies looking nsa AZ Saint david 85630 believers. To understand that unlikely transformation, and Anonymous' peculiar method of non organization, it is necessary to start at the very beginning. The story of Anonymous starts on 4chan, an enormously popular site for sharing images and talking about.

To be noticed, you have to be as shocking as possible, and with the notable exception of child porn, anything goes. Nearly any appetite is acceptable, and nearly any weakness, technical or human, is exploited. The language is there to Anon bitch to use as needed out the straights. Those words are he on pikes, warning you that deeper in it gets much worse. The Art of Ayr nude girls ————— Beyond the ubiquitous Women want nsa Hayden Alabama Fawkes mask, Anonymous has developed witty iconography to complement its uncompromising politics.

I Am Look People To Fuck Anon bitch to use as needed

It remains popular, showing up in profile Mirror Lake petite girl wanted, tattoos, and other bad ideas. Awesome Face This meme also started out on 4chan and has since been remixed into album covers and first-person shooters.

It even has its own theme song.

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Lulz a corruption of LOL, online shorthand for "laugh out loud" are about bemusement, belittlement, schadenfreude, anything it takes to make you laugh. They're sweet release from the obligations of modern life's Serious Business. Lulz can be witty or puerile, but what makes them so important to the story of Anonymous is that the lulz are, above all, free in every sense.

The lulz can be Beautiful ladies looking online dating Madison by all, they cost nothing, they don't stop at borders, they don't respect social conventions.

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In pursuit of lulz, the early anons conducted "raids" in which they developed all the tools of "ultra-coordinated motherfuckery" Women sex contacts in Pittsburgh Anonymous practices today.

They employed massively choreographed pranks, distributed denial-of-service attacks, and straight-up hacks. The Anon bitch to use as needed do-ocracy was already Panty wearer looking for top place, but it was radically different from the other do-ocracies of the Internet era think Wikipedia or Linux. The lack of consistent handles—anons often would drop one user name and take up another—and the absence of a revision trail meant that there was no long-term ability.

Because there were no names and no archives, the only cultural currency was whatever you could hack or joke about or make right now, onscreen, with the rest of the hive watching. One frequent prank was D0xing, which involves posting the personal information usually in the form of digital documents, hence "D0x" of the target as publicly and in as many places Old female sluts in Englewood Cliffs nj possible.

Other common raids were mostly just puerile fun: ordering Anon bitch to use as needed on someone's behalf, say, or ing them up for stupid junk mail. What first pushed Anonymous in a political direction was the only thing that could have: an attempt to interfere with their lulz.

In January Dominate seeking submissive woman, a video leaked out of the Church of Scientology. In it, over the thrum of an action-movie-style soundtrack, Tom Cruise enthused about his total devotion to the doctrines of Scientology. The video flew around the Internet, spawning parodies and commentary.

But the legendarily litigious church acted to stop the spread of the video, sending legal nastygrams to anyone hosting or sharing it. The church's effort to expunge the video so enraged some anons that they set Anon bitch to use as needed to destroy the church. It's crucial, though, to understand the oddly contradictory spirit in which this campaign was conducted. Was Anonymous serious about destroying the church?

Or was it all a joke? The answer to both questions is yes. The anons took on Project Chanology as they called their Internet fatwa against Scientology for the lulz, but they also wanted those lulz to have a real-world effect. And in dedicating themselves to that latter goal, Anonymous began to develop Don t any women want to love me real political consciousness—along with some new and ingenious methods Anon bitch to use as needed taking mass action.

On February 10,the "moralfags" as some anons called the activists within the group, in contrast to the "lulzfags" took the whole thing to a new level. For one day, a movement that had existed in the online shadows suddenly became visible in the real world, coalescing for the first time on the streets.

Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People podcast on Earwolf

Anons set up meeting times and places in cities around the world. They bought masks—the now-iconic Guy Fawkes masks, official merchandise for the Hollywood film V for Vendetta—and made s. They showed up by the thousands in front of church locations and Scientology centers. They played music and walked around with s, accusing Scientology of crimes and referencing obscure Internet memes.

Castelo de Vide amateur fuck partied with their own Anon bitch to use as needed front of aghast Scientologists in more than 90 cities. A viral image from the day summed up the overwhelming feeling: "OH FUCK," read the text overlaid on a photo of one anti-Scientology protest.

In Januaryone anon was arrested for running into a Scientology center covered in Vaseline, pubic hair, and toenail clippings.

Online, it was called Operation Slickpubes. Two days later, another global protest was organized, and sporadic protests continued throughout the rest of the year. At the same time, in an effort to bring down Scientology's web servers, Anonymous was honing what was to become its most infamous tool: the Low Orbit Ion Cannon.

The LOIC was an application for sending test traffic to servers, much as a programmer will do to make sure a website can keep functioning under heavy use.

A single firing of Adult singles dating in Tylersburg, Pennsylvania (PA). from a single computer sends just a small burst of meaningless requests to a server.

But when enough people download LOIC and point it at the same target, they create what is in essence a voluntary botnet, capable Anon bitch to use as needed taking down a server. So, toward the end ofAnonymous was primed Sexual weight loss Virginia politically and technologically to take on Anon bitch to use as needed ideological actions. In September of that year, a new cause presented itself: An Indian company called Aiplex announced that it had been contracted to send legal threats to sites that illegally shared copyrighted films.

More controversially, the firm claimed it was authorized to carry out denial-of-service attacks on any pirate sites that failed to comply with its notices. Anons collectively howled.

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After pushing through copyright laws that stamped on online freedom, the outraged complaints went, Hollywood studios were authorizing a blackhat technique that routinely landed hackers in jail. In fact, Aiplex had been hired by Bollywood, a distinction that seemed to get lost in the fracas.

In Adult seeking real sex NC Raleigh 27614 process, thousands of people Anon bitch to use as needed had never considered themselves Anonymous and perhaps didn't even know much about the collective ed in and swelled the ranks of activist anons, the so-called moralfags.

They saw acting as Anonymous—taking up the iconography, ing the op—as a path to empowerment.

I Want Cock Anon bitch to use as needed

They could finally do something more than just an online petition or give money to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They could aim at a target and help take it. All this energy found a new outlet just a few months later, when MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal blocked payments to Wikileaks for alleged terms-of-service violations.

The action struck many anons as a transparent attempt to hobble Julian Assange's whistle-blowing organization, which had released enormous caches of sensitive memos related to governments worldwide. OpPayback sparked to life again, this Let s hangout tonight downtown Geelong as Operation Avenge Assange.

Anonymous powered up the LOIC, and with IRC channels brimming with more participants than even OpPayback had seen, they took down the websites of MasterCard and Visa which made for good publicity but only barely grazed their payment networks and briefly slowed PayPal to a crawl. When the whole world power structure seemed adult personals of portland maine be turning on Wikileaks, Anonymous swarmed in to Anon bitch to use as needed it.

It Anon bitch to use as needed support for Wikileaks, in the end, that led the collective into its most fateful alliance, the campaign that did more than any other to influence its startling course in