2015 Key West World Championships

NBC Sports teamed up with STIHL to bring the 2014 Super Boat International Key West World Championships to your living room, and if you didn’t get to catch it during the original airing, we’ve got you covered. Check out the FULL television feature, below!

Gasse Racing Ready For Season Opener Port Charlotte

The Super Boat Race Team of Tor Staubo is getting ready for the season opener in South Florida. The first race of the SBI season is in Charlotte Harbor (and Port Charlotte area) and they are getting ready. Watch all the action on gasseracing.com.

Gasse vs Gasse Florida Powerboat Club

Tor Staubo and his team of offshore race boats, participate with the always exciting Florida Powerboat Club. Check out both MTI’s as they run in the smooth waters of South Florida. This is by far the most recognized team in offshore racing.

Team Gasse Brings A–Game to Miami Super Boat Grand Prix

Once again, Team GASSE made Miss Ducktin proud with another win at the race in Miami! After a short hiatus to repair after engine troubles, they came back averaging a speed of a blazing 91.5 MPH and a peak speed of 95.5, Tor Staubo and the rest of the team really brought their A-Game to […]