Race Team

Tor Staubo, Owner and Driver of Team Gasse, hails from Oslo, Norway and is an experienced motorsports driver. With many years in auto racing in Europe, he has included the sport of powerboat racing. He has owned many go-fast boats and has moved up to the top class of professional boat racing, the Super Boat Unlimited class. Tor lives part-time in the United States.

Johnny Tomlinson is a veteran throttleman with numerous World Titles and speed records. He currently holds the fastest speed in the Lake of The Ozarks Shootout at 208 mph. He is the co-owner of TNT Custom Marine and Marine Center with his partner Mike Thomas in North Miami, Florida. Tomlinson’s professional career of boat rigging and boat racing has given him the opportunity to throttle the Worlds’ fastest boats.

“Angry Miss Ducktin” is the team mascot. Gasse translated in English means goose it. Team owner Tor Staubo’s early days of skydiving led him to realize his diving team flew like a bunch of wild geese… sort of “not smooth.”  It became his trademark as you will see the goose and the lucky number 8 on all the motorsports equipment and apparel.

Unmistakeably, this Marine Technology Inc design is one of the most recognized boats on the offshore racing circuit. Its all carbon fiber design and state-of-the-art canopy safety system showcases safety and sleek design all at once. It sits 48′ in length, powered by twin V-8 Mercury 1650 hp motors with M8 dry sump drives. This is the premier go-fast catamaran style boat in the world.