Speed On The Water Features Team GASSE Win At Charlotte Harbor

14CC8608After a KILLER win at the first race of the season, Team GASSE was featured in the first race recap article, published by Speed On The Water Magazine. Click here to read the article in full, or check out the excerpt below.

For the Superboat Unlimited class-team of owner/driver Tor Staubo and throttleman John Tomlinson, it was the first time they had shared the cockpit of Gasse, their 48-foot Marine Technology, Inc., cat since SBI Sarasota, Fla., event more than a year ago. But that didn’t stop them from besting defending Unlimited-class world champion Miss GEICO (gone before the fast lap was complete with a drive shaft failure), CMS and Lucas Oil/SilverHook, the only V-bottom in the class.

CMS got to the first turn ahead of us at the start so we had to back off,” said Tomlinson. “They had a seven- to eleven-second lead on us—we could get closer to them by end of the straights but they would pull away coming out of the turns. Near the end of the race, they started stumbling coming out of the turns. I radioed the crew and said, ‘Watch this, CMI is running out of gas.’ And that’s exactly what happened—they were starving for fuel—and we passed them.”

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Source: www.SpeedOnTheWater.com; Matt Trulio; April 14, 2014.

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