Plans Established For Wind Farms In Norway

wind turbinesTeam Gasse’s owner and driver, Tor Staubo, hails from Oslo, Norway, one of the leading countries in green energy and energy efficiency innovation. Check out this exciting article about wind turbine implementation plans for Norway.

The residential and business energy-supply company EON intends to construct hundreds of megawatts of wind power generation capacity in Norway and Sweden, where development costs are lower than that of other European countries.

EON has proposals to set up 1,500 MW of wind turbines in Norway, as the country’s low population density and high wind speeds facilitate larger and cheaper projects than in Germany.

“Norway has a huge untapped potential,” said Mark Porter, the northern Europe onshore wind power director. “It’s a new market that has many cost-efficient projects. We plan to complete a handful before 2020 though not all nine farms will make it.

The Norwegian government and the European Union agreed to increase the fraction of electricity it consumes from renewable power sources to 67.5% by 2020, up 6.4% from 2010.

Norwea, which is the wind energy association of Norway, expects the installed wind generation capacity to increase to 3,500 megawatts (MW) by 2020, compared to the 620 MW that was in place on December 20.

EON also intends to install one of the world’s largest sea farms (700MW) in Sweden’s Soedra Midsjoebanken, and will export electricity from it to the Baltic region, Poland, and Germany.

“Sweden has great offshore potential, competitive with Germany and the UK, but first new physical cables are needed and it’ll likely be the back end of this decade before we can harness the potential,” Porter said yesterday from Malmoe.

According to Norway’s Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, “Renewable energy will thus account for more than two-thirds of Norway’s energy consumption in 2020.”

Source:; Nicholas Brown; February 11, 2013.

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