Miami Boat Show Poker Run This Week!

Can’t wait for Billoxi? Then make sure to keep an eye out for Tor Staubo and Team Gasse this week at the Miami Boat Show Poker Run!

Stu Jones, the founder and owner of the Florida Powerboat Club in Pompano Beach, Fla., said today that he can’t remember using the words “sold out” for any of his outfit’s poker runs. But he’s using them now in reference to the upcoming Miami Boat Show/Islamorada Poker Run. With just more than 70 boats on the roster, Jones said he and his staff have closed registration for the event, which happens Feb. 21-24.

“It good statement to have to make and it’s a painful statement to have to make at the same time, but we are sold out for the Miami Boat Show Poker Run,” said Jones.

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Here’s preliminary list of the registrants thus far:

37′ Active Thunder V David M from FL
37′ Active Thunder V EXTREME ENERGY Mike C from IN
38′ Cigarette V OFF LEASE ONLY Mark & Eileen F from FL Sponsor
42′ Cigarette CC CIGARETTE Derek W from OK
50′ Cigarette V ODYSSEY David & Leeann B from LA
39′ Cigarette V UNRULY CREW II Julie & Wayne C from ON
39 Cigarette V SPICY Patrick D from MD
36′ Cigarette V GLADIATOR Brian & Tammy F from NY
39′ Cigarette V GUN WILD George F from NY
38′ Cigarette V OLD SCHOOL II Craig H from MD
42′ Cigarette V COUNTRY GIRL Anton H from SC
46′ Cigarette V DRIVEN Michael M from IL
42′ Cigarette V NASTY HABIT Albert T from OH
38′ Cigarette V ARMED AND DANGEROUS Geoff & Sue W from MD
38′ Cigarette V MORNIN’ SMOKE Joe S from NJ
36′ Cigarette CC RAFE ‘N IT Rafe G from LA
41′ Dave Custom Boat Cat SILVER LINING Win & Melissa F from CO
43′ Donzi V DONZILLA George & Shannon A from FL
38′ Donzi V DONZI Dale & Diana M from OH
47′ Fountain V 21 GUNS Mark & Rachel W from NE
42′ Fountain V SERVICE ME Chris & Brandy H from TX
37′ Hustler V HUSTLER Matthew G from CT
42′ MTI Cat XCLUSIVE Marc & Micheline G from FL
42′ MTI Cat MTI Tom A from NY
48′ MTI Cat CMS Bob B from FL
36′ MTI Cat BURNS BURNS BURNS Carl & Lori B from MO
48′ MTI Cat GASSE Tor S from FL
48′ MTI Cat MTI Derek W from OK
44′ MTI Cat 007 Jim W from FL
42′ MTI CC MTI V Greg & Brenda M from MO
50′ Mystic Cat FLY BOY Paul I from OK
36′ Nor-Tech Cat NORTECH Denny L from DE
40′ Nor-Tech Cat ALL IN AGAIN Bill R from TX
38′ Nor-Tech V Nor-Tech Matt P from KY
47′ Nor-Tech V NOR-TECH Terry S from FL Sponsor
50′ Nor-Tech V GOT CHICKS Mark S from MI
50′ Nor-Tech V ARTEMIS Bob & Elle B from FL
52′ Outerlimits V HOLY $#?! Kerry L from BC
42′ Outerlimits V ENOUGH ALREADY Alex F from IL
52′ Outerlimits V BIG BLUE Thomas T from NJ
52′ Outerlimits V NO STRESS Joel B from Que
51′ Outerlimits V FAST LANE Lane C from TX
40′ Performance CC TILTED KILT Joe A from GA Sponsor
42′ Revolver V REVOLVER 42 Giuseppe G from Italy
38′ Skater Cat PURE PLATINUM Bill P from FL
38′ Statement CC SIR CHARGE III Doug F from NJ
37′ Statement CC STATEMENT Bob C from NJ Sponsor
32′ Sunsation V KNOT ENOUGH Judd S from PA
35′ TBD V ILMOR HI PERFORMANCE Jessica G from MI Sponsor
38′ TBD CC PIER 57 Scott S from IL
SUPER TRUCKS Chris W from GA Sponsor
MARINE SERVICE HALTER Meinrad H from Switz Sponsor
DAVE’S CUSTOM BOATS Dave H from CA Sponsor

Source:; Matt Trulio; February 7, 2013.

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