Looking Closer at the 1350 Mercury Motors

Our 48′ Ferrari red MTI Cat is one of the most recognized boats on the offshore racing circuit. Its all carbon fiber design and state-of-the-art canopy safety system showcases safety and sleek design all at once. It sits 48′ in length, powered by twin V-8 Mercury 1350 hp motors with M8 dry sump drives. Check out these excerpts from an article published by Offshore Only about the stellar 1350 Mercury Motors that we use in our #8 Team Gasse boat! Click here for the full article.

With a list price of a little more than $200,000, the Mercury Racing 1350 engine and M8 drive is the high-performance powerboat world’s most expensive piston power package. If a more expensive, fully integrated and computer-controlled single-manufacturer engine-and-drive package for go-fast boat exists, I sure haven’t heard of it. And keep in mind that most of the quad overhead cam, twin turbocharged 1,350-hp engines are sold in pairs. We’re talking big bucks.

So why does the Mercury Racing 1350 engine cost so much? After all, it’s just a bunch of fancy parts like double-scrolled water-jacketed turbochargers that your favorite mechanic could assemble and a brooding Geek Squad technician could program for about one-quarter of the price—at least that’s what I’ve read on the Internet. Being the biggest player in the go-fast marine engine game, the Fond du Lac, Wisconsin-based greedy corporate engine builder simply must be gouging the buyer.

“Because we do our homework and that costs a lot of money,” he said. “We don’t sell prototypes. We do a lot of research, development and testing before we sell a product to the public. We use top-shelf components. Our research and development and testing was done before we sold our first 1350 engine.”

Source: www.offshoreonly.com; Matt Trulio, December 2, 2012.

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