2012 Ferrari FF Review

Check out this fascinating article and review about the new Ferrari FF! Who would have thought a hatch back, family-capable car could also house the power of a Ferrari, such power Gasse Racing has been a fan of for years!

2012 Ferrari FF ReviewThe unexpected Ferrari is as good as expected

Our long-term FF is a Ferrari you can put snow tires on in good conscience.

As a repeat Ferrari owner, I was given an opportunity to see the FF about a year before it debuted. Ironically, I barely made it to New Jersey for the preview of the company’s first all-wheel-drive model because of a snowstorm. But when I eventually got there, I had a look at the car, tried out the back seat, and was sold. If you had told me 10 years ago that I’d be able to buy a 12-cylinder hatchback Ferrari with all-wheel drive, a rear seat big enough for an adult, and a cup holder, I would have told you that you were crazy. But I absolutely love it. This car is the closest I’ve found to all-around perfection. I can go places with my wife without having to leave my daughter at home. Even our dog comes along for the 150-mile weekend trip to our lake house. It’s a practical Ferrari, as strange as that sounds.

I’m by no means a purist; while I own several Ferraris, I don’t have an idealized picture in my mind of what the cars should or shouldn’t be. I was also a Porsche Cayenne early adopter, never once calling the company into question for building something that it hadn’t before. Porsche and Ferrari are simply making cars that their customers want. That’s just good business.

2012 Ferrari FF ReviewIn my quest to use the car as intended, the first thing I bought for the FF was a set of snow tires. It’s in my regular rotation through the winter months here in Michigan. The all-wheel-drive system isn’t noticeable when it kicks in because it’s still very rear-biased, but you know it’s working because the car goes where you point it.

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Source: www.roadandtrack.com; Ken Lingenfelter, Photos by David Lewinski; April 5, 2013.

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