Archive | February, 2013
wind turbines

Plans Established For Wind Farms In Norway

Team Gasse’s owner and driver, Tor Staubo, hails from Oslo, Norway, one of the leading countries in green energy and energy efficiency innovation. Check out this exciting article about wind turbine implementation plans for Norway. The residential and business energy-supply company EON intends to construct hundreds of megawatts of wind power generation capacity in Norway […]

Miami Boat Show Poker Run This Week!

Can’t wait for Billoxi? Then make sure to keep an eye out for Tor Staubo and Team Gasse this week at the Miami Boat Show Poker Run! Stu Jones, the founder and owner of the Florida Powerboat Club in Pompano Beach, Fla., said today that he can’t remember using the words “sold out” for any […]

ferrari f150

Ferrari F150 Rumored to Premiere at Geneva Motor Show

At Team Gasse, our love for Ferraris doesn’t stop at the mere color, Ferrari Red, but their matchless design and ever–improving technology to both increase horsepower and reduce emissions. Check out this article about the newest developments on the Ferrari F150! A roaring 920 HP housed in a full carbon fiber monocoque with an evolution […]

Footage of Team Gasse at Miami Super Boat Grand Prix

Averaging a speed of a blazing 91.5 MPH and a peak speed of 95.5, Tor Staubo and Johnny Tomlinson made their presence known this summer in Miami! Check out this slick video covering the team’s race to the checkered flag at the Miami Super Boat Grand Prix! Footage like this really makes us wish April […]