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Tor Staubo, an entrepreneur by nature and committed race enthusiast, hails from Oslo, Norway and currently shares time in South Florida. Experienced Motorsports DriverStaubo is an experienced motorsports driver and previous Offshore Powerboat race team owner and driver. He has owned many high performance offshore boats and has competed in the top class of professional boat racing, the Superboat Unlimited class. While he has shifted away from offshore racing and ownership, his brand name carries on… Team Gasse. Staubo’s enthusiasm for the marine industry and recreational boating is however, stronger than ever. His focus continues to go green with energy storage systems and the use of Lithium Energy for marine applications. Learn more about Staubo Inc. below.

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Staubo Inc.

Electric Energy Storage and Propulsion

Involved in Norway and the United States… Staubo is an innovator and renowned consultant in the world of electric energy storage and propulsion. His focus is to carry that experience to projects of small and medium marine related professional vessels.

Long time relationships with world leading manufacturers of lithium ion technology, Staubo’s focus is to connect them to the right marine projects when it comes to electric storage and propulsion. He has vast industry experience and high level contacts with manufacturers and official certifying bodies like DNV•GL who provides classification, technical assurances, software and independent expert advisory services to maritime and energy industries.

DNV•GL is an independent foundation with the purpose of safeguarding life, property, and the environment. Their history goes back to 1864, when the foundation was established in Norway to inspect and evaluate the technical condition of Norwegian merchant vessels.

Experience of Team Building and Success


Staubo’s drive for success carries over from his international business acumen to bring new technologies and partners to the premier class of racing.


Boat racing has been around for decades, but the entrepreneurial spirit of the Gasse Racing team owner has set the high water mark for renewed competition.

Race Enthusiast

Speed, sky-diving, risk taking and pure competition, is the fuel for what makes Tor Staubo rise to the highest levels of success in business and in life.

National Champion

Gasse Racing earned the National Championship Title from Super Boat International, the premier international organization for offshore racing.

Golden Eagle Award

Tor Staubo earned the most prestigious award in Key West, Florida and has joined the club of famous racers and actors like Kurt Russell and Don Johnson.

Florida Champion

Racing all of the Florida races of Super Boat International and earning enough points in a single season, brings the coveted honor of being crowned champion.

Accelerating Competition with Partnerships

The level of competition for the premier class of offshore racing needed more and it needed new ideas. It was the entrepreneurial spirit of Staubo to go to Marine Technology Inc (MTI) and partner with business owner, Randy Scism, to redesign a bigger, faster boat that could implement the advanced hull design which could carry over to boat racing.

The advancements in the carbon fibre hull and deck and other needed changes, were critical if the Gasse Team was to showcase a new 48’ MTI in the fastest class of racing and be competitive. It was these needed changes, ideas and partnerships that brought Team Gasse and MTI to be a winning program.

With a high level of competitive offshore racing, there comes the need for high performance advancement and innovation. Mercury Racing’s 1350 horsepower,  9.0 liter quad cam four valve (QC4v) cylinder block and head, with one-touch Smart Start and automatic throttle synchronization was that piece Gasse Racing needed.

It was apparent to Staubo, that he and Mercury Racing could build a partnership that would help Mercury with the implementation of the new 1350 hp into the 48’ MTI and showcase its performance while racing offshore. This new partnership would bring exposure to the engine package and, at the same time, expose it to harsh and challenging real life conditions.

At the highest level of competitive racing, the need for an experienced driver and throttleman in the boat working together, in a stressful and rigorous environment, is crucial. Staubo turned to multi-time champion, Johnny Tomlinson, to fill the throttleman seat and complete the Gasse Racing team. It was the final piece needed to build a winning team.

Tomlinson joined Gasse Racing with years offshore racing experience and at the same time was very familiar with MTI and Mercury Racing packages. Throttling the 48’ MTI and assisting Staubo with the installation of the customized 1350’s and race day setup, Tomlinson became the final piece of the partnership that Staubo had set-out for Gasse Racing to become a winning powerhouse.

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